Thursday, January 03, 2013

2014 BMW X5-Official image?

 Narrower front lamps and a new front bumper are all new for the next generation model. In other words, nothing has really changed but this gives BMW the incentive to charge more money...but don't worry the smaller X3 will gain the same looks for a lot less very shortly.


Anonymous said...

this is CLEARLY not an official pic.

casey/a r t a n d c o l o u r said...

Not so sure of that, Anonymous. If it isn't it's very close. I like the way BMW is making the grille "touch" the headlights these days. I've always thought their emphasis on the dual "kidney" should be widened out, perhaps even like the '70s and '80s Bimmers where the grille itself was wide and the "kidneys' were chrome outlines in the center.